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KhS’ “Global Reach” takes it South of the Border

When damaging hail hit new vehicles at a major assembly plant in Mexico in mid June, KhS used its “global reach” to assist a major OEM return their vehicles to like-new condition and get them back on the road.


Both American and European mangers and technicians (many of then fluent speakers of Spanish) worked together seamlessly with OEM managers to get the more than 3,700 cars and trucks repaired to strict OEM standards in a little under 2 weeks.

Once again the “global” in KhS Global allowed us to serve our clients wherever and whenever we are needed!


A Major Hail Storm Hits Shreveport, LA, and KhS Hail Repair Experts Answer the Call

A Major Hail Storm Hits Shreveport, LA, and KhS Hail Repair Experts Answer the Call

When hail hit the Shreveport rail yard on March 28th, three major manufacturers with a combined inventory of over 1,000 vehicles knew they had damage – and a big problem. According to local resources, there were 64 hail reports from the public, trained spotters and the media within 25 miles of Shreveport. In some places, golf ball sized hail rained down massive destruction.

So, who did they call to bring each and every one of their hail damaged vehicles back to pre-hail condition? They called the KhS Hail Repair experts, of course.

Within 48 hours, KhS was on site. With years of experience in the logistics of estimating, movement and repair of damaged vehicles, KhS managers had this major job operation up and running.

KhS’s Mobile Hail Repair Headquarters was the center for the entire operation, equipped with offices as well as internet. “Paperless” reporting was the standard in Shreveport, utilizing our proprietary, electronic estimating and reporting software.

Within 10 days, the job was completed by our team of skilled PDR technicians – more than 1,000 vehicles, brought back to pre-hail condition and on their way to their final destinations.

A Major Hail Storm Hits Shreveport, LA, and KhS Hail Repair Experts Answer the Call

There is no job that KhS cannot handle. KhS has the resources and the “know-how” to repair any number of vehicles affected by hail or other weather-related damage. Shreveport is just another great example of how quickly and efficiently the KhS Global Hail Repair team works. At KhS Global, it is our goal to run the most efficient, automotive hail repair operations in the business, while providing the highest quality and customer satisfaction in the industry.