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KhS’ “Global Reach” takes it South of the Border

When damaging hail hit new vehicles at a major assembly plant in Mexico in mid June, KhS used its “global reach” to assist a major OEM return their vehicles to like-new condition and get them back on the road.


Both American and European mangers and technicians (many of then fluent speakers of Spanish) worked together seamlessly with OEM managers to get the more than 3,700 cars and trucks repaired to strict OEM standards in a little under 2 weeks.

Once again the “global” in KhS Global allowed us to serve our clients wherever and whenever we are needed!


Oklahoma is OK and so is KhS!

Oklahoma is OK and so is KhS!

For your next trivia night: What is the only state whose capital city has the same name as the state? If you said Oklahoma with its capital city of Oklahoma City – you got it right!

And, Oklahoma City is where a hailstorm dropped hailstones on over 1,300 new cars and trucks on April 25th. Needing to get their vehicles “A-OK” in a hurry, three major manufacturers put the call out to KhS Global Hail Repair.

Oklahoma is OK and so is KhS!

Within 48 hours, KhS was on site and repairing vehicles. With unmatched experience in the logistics of estimating, movement and repair of damaged vehicles, KhS managers had this major job operation running smoothly. With KhS’s 3-step quality control process in place, our PDR repairs not only meet but exceed manufactures’ strict quality standards.

In just under 2 weeks all 1,300 vehicles were repaired by our team of skilled PDR technicians. And now, once again, things in Oklahoma City are “OK!”

Hail Pelts the St. Louis Area. KhS Hail Repair Experts are Ready to Fix the Damage.

Hail Pelts the St. Louis Area. KhS Hail Repair Experts are Ready to Fix the Damage.

Last Thursday April 3rd, 2014, many residents of St. Louis, Jefferson and Franklin counties were pelted by large amounts of hail falling in a short period of time. Unfortunately, when storms roll in so quickly, it’s hard to protect your vehicle if it’s not parked in a garage or under a car port. Lucky for St. Louis area car owners in the storm zone, KhS Hail Repair calls St. Louis its home. Serving the St. Louis area for over 20 years and conveniently headquartered in Sunset Hills, KhS Hail Repair experts are some of the best in the business when it comes to Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

Hail Pelts the St. Louis Area. KhS Hail Repair Experts are Ready to Fix the Damage.

If you were recently hit by the hail storm that rolled through St. Louis, call KhS Hail Repair at (314) 843-4245 to set up an appointment.

After a hailstorm rolls through your neighborhood, the last thing you want to deal with is an insurance claim and auto repair. That’s why we make the whole process easy and seamless! KhS Hail Repair experts will work with your insurance company to get you an accurate estimate and deliver quality Paintless Dent Removal. Once you contact your insurance company, we will take it from there. KhS Global will give you an appointment for repair and schedule your rental car, if necessary. KhS Global is truly a “one-stop shop” for all aspects of your automotive hail claim.

At KhS Hail Repair, it is our goal to run the most efficient, automotive hail repair operations in the business, while providing the highest quality and Customer Satisfaction in the industry. We bring “manufacturer quality repair to the car-owner market.” Give us a call to bring your car back to pre-hail condition, and we’ll show you how easy the process can be:(314) 843-4245.

Not sure what Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is or why it’s different than conventional body shop repairs, check out our ABOUT PDR information, here.

KhS Global adds a “Repair Center On Wheels” to its hail disaster response fleet.

KhS Global adds a "Repair Center On Wheels" to its hail disaster response fleet.

Unlike other KhS Global hail trailers, the newest addition to our fleet is a complete field office, including computer workstations with Wi-Fi hotspots, furnished meeting spaces and a self-contained generator for electrical power.

KhS Global adds a "Repair Center On Wheels" to its hail disaster response fleet.

But in addition, the new trailer expands to include over 4,000 square feet of office and awning space to literally cover the estimating and repair of hail damaged vehicles. The trailer also carries a Quality Control Light Tunnel that’s easily assembled so our expert hail repair technicians can assess hail damage and be sure your vehicle is brought back to shape completely – right there on the spot.

This new trailer allows KhS Global to immediately set up a Hail Repair Center for our clients and their customers independent of any outside help.

KhS Global adds a "Repair Center On Wheels" to its hail disaster response fleet.

This new “super trailer” was recently road tested on a trip from St. Louis headquarters to California where KhS Global clients were able to tour the mobile Hail Repair Center and see demonstrations of hail repair.

Two more “super trailers” are going to be added to the fleet in the coming months.