Expertise in All Types of Automobile Damage

Hail Repair

KhS Global is the #1 choice for auto manufacturers and insurance companies around the world. KhS Global offers the same quality service to private customers in a town near you!

Wind Damage

KhS Global handles wind claims for manufacturers and their insurers. Storms often blow through, picking up small rocks and debris, which is thrown into cars leaving them “sandblasted.” KhS Global offers a “Smart Repair” solution where paint chips are repaired without repainting the entire panel. In addition, KhS Global will replace all glass and parts affected by the debris.


KhS Global works with manufacturers around the globe and assists them in rectifying minor flaws or dents caused by stamping in new vehicles. These repairs are carried out onsite where large volumes of vehicles can quickly be made ready to ship to the dealer.

Overspray Removal

KhS Global is at-the-ready in the event rail yards or holding areas are affected by overspray. Often hundreds of cars are covered with paint or acid rain, and KhS Global can quickly assemble teams to remove the contamination to get the supply chain moving again.

There is no job that KhS cannot handle. KhS has the resources and the “know-how” to repair any number of vehicles affected by hail or other weather-related damage. Manufacturers around the world have relied on us to repair tens-of-thousands of vehicles and provide quick, flawless PDR without incident. We can help you, too.
Onsite KhS management and personnel ensure all vehicles are fully restored to pre-damage condition.
Our professional management team has extensive experience with all aspects of paintless dent removal (PDR) setup and operation, including: estimating, logistics & repair of damaged vehicles and parts replacement.