About PDR

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless dent removal is the process by which small dings, dents, creases and hail damage are removed without bodywork or repainting. The severity of damage that can be repaired depends greatly on the technician’s training and experience, and KhS’s technicians are among the best trained and most experienced in the world.

The Process:

In the PDR method of repair, the technician gently massages the metal in and around the dent using a pattern of pushes from the bottom side of the panel. Stresses are relieved, thus restoring the metal to its original state and shape.


There are a number of benefits to PDR, Paintless Dent Removal. For starters, it’s less expensive than Body Shop repairs that require new panels or sanding, filling and painting. Plus, the PDR process takes a fraction of the time of Body Shop repairs so you will have your car back in 1-2 days (in most cases). Most importantly, PDR is a higher quality repair than Body Shop repairs. Dents and dings are removed without harming the factory finish, which is more durable than repainting. And you don’t have to worry about color matching! With PDR, you can restore your car to “pre-hail condition” without any Body Shop side effects!


The PDR hail repair process on average only takes 1-to-2 days to complete vs. 7-to-14 days using conventional repair methods.

Environmentally Friendly:

With PDR, there are no body fillers or painting required, thus no harmful chemicals or pollution is emitted into the environment.

About PDR